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Project U.F.O

This ironic shape not only makes interactive invasion from out of space, but also inside and outside creates a high tech ambiance and atmosphere.


The visitors of the temporary mobile showroom, firstly encounter with the shopping part of the second floor after exiting the capsule elevator.


The collections in the capsules have electronically functions and they have to be protected. Because of it they have been put inside the capsules. On the large edge a non-electronic costume is exhibited.

Shoes & accesiors

After the shopping area, the smart ramp directs the visitors to the last shopping part that is exhibited bags, shoes and accessory designs of the designer. The bags and shoes part is positioned as an additional parapet to the plastic cover. In addition to this, there are three gaps that are positioned inside the plastic cover for the purpose of exhibiting the shoes. And under it a long sitting element where the customers can sit and try shoes.

Cash payment

At the end of the last shopping area, at the ground floor, there is a cash payment desk and behind the cash payment desk there, is a storage room that has been positioned under the smart ramp and the walls of the room are constituted from the plastic cover of the inner part of the building.

Cafe + Exit

after a amazing trip to feel interior ambiance more or to rest getting freshwith drinks there is a cafe bar located in the center of the ufo.................. exit :At the end of the amazing shopping experience, a large stair comes and meets the visitors to direct them to the exit. The stairs have been positioned at the end of the cafe, it is used as en exit from the temporary mobile showroom.

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